Universal Sheet Folding Machines

A universal sheet folding machine is an extremely versatile machine suitable for many applications. This heavy-duty sturdy machine is well fabricated from mild steel with hinge points in roller bearings for effortless folding. The eccentrics and other pins are made from alloy steel duly hardened. Our universal folding machine incorporates adjustable truss bars which ensure accurate and straight folding even for full-length jobs.

The sides of the machine are well fabricated using M.S. Tee and I beam. Both sides are connected with three tie bars to maintain strength. The upper beam – Ram, of the machine is reinforced properly and equipped with three adjustable truss bars. It can move up to 200 mm to fix various types of fingers to facilitate taking different types of bends. It moves in dovetail slides for accurate work.


Clamping of the sheet is done by the lower beam – Table, which moves on the I beam. The movement of this lower beam is operated by two independent eccentrics on each side, aided by two strong springs to reduce the clamping pressure. The lower beam is also equipped with two adjustable truss bars.

The folding beam – Apron, is adjustable vertically for taking sharp as well as radius bends. Adjustments can be done by apron bolts. An angle selector gauge is also provided for repeated jobs. Two handles on the beam and two counterweights for effortless bending are fitted at the side of the paddle of the apron. The movement of the counterweights is possible which allows changing the effective force depending upon the job.

These universal folding machines are available in various lengths of 1250mm, 2000mm or 2500mm with a thickness of sheets up to 2.0mm in mild steel. The normal jaw opening is 75mm and the bending angle up to 135 degrees.

We manufacture these machines from premium quality metals and offer a highly durable and reliable range to our valued clients. As these machines are manufactured following international industry standards they assure optimum performance. Straighten with Hydraulic Pre-Release System, Cone Bending Equipment, Down-Setting Cylinder, and Electronic Optimizer System these machines offer high consistency.

As a manufacturer of Plate Bending Machines & various customized machines, We have supplied our products to various industries located in various states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, M. P, Rajasthan, and various cities such as Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, MIDC Dombivali, Kalyan, Ambernath, Thane, Pune, Mahad, TTC Mumbai, Roha, Goa, Bangalore, Delhi

Also, we have exported (as Exporter) to Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, China Congo, Dubai, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, KSA,, Sharjah, Sri Lanka, USA, Egypt, UAE, Spain, Kuwait, Vietnam, Yemen, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, and Zambia